Sample Interior Inspection


  • Check and record humidity level and temperature in residence
  • Check A/C and heating system controls
  • All doors and windows checked and locked
  • Ceilings, walls, and floors visually checked for leaks or water damage
  • Visually check for any signs of leaks in the plumbing
  • Indoor plants watered as per instructions
  • Any signs of animal, rodent, or insect infestation
  • Any signs of mold or unusual odors
  • Run all taps, showers, baths and flush toilets

Sample Exterior Inspection


  • Roof, chimney, gutters and downspouts visually checked
  • Check for any signs of vandalism or break and enter
  • Exterior checked for signs of animal or insect damage/intrusion
  • Lawn, trees, shrubs, and gardens checked
  • Patio and/or furniture checked
  • Check and collect mail, remove solicitations and newspapers
  • Faucets and hoses checked
  • Pool/spa water level, chemicals, and equipment checked

Additional Services


  • Coordinate emergency repairs and allow access for contractors
  • Post hurricane inspection
  • Schedule interior and/or exterior cleaning prior to your return
  • Automobile Watch - Start vehicle and visually check for signs of leaks